Introducing the First Ever Real-Time Marketplace App: Saymemo

With the ever growing reach of the internet, connecting users to businesses is becoming easier by the day. Saymemo is a cutting edge app that does exactly that, but it’s the first app ever to create a real time connection between clients and professionals in a wide range of sectors. Earlier, users had to submit their queries in order to get a response from their requested maintenance guy. But with Saymemo, users and professionals can connect with each other and set a deal right away. This way, Saymemo is the perfect tool for both users as well as businesses.

Saymemo is also a perfect place to enlist your new business, especially if you are looking for a part-time . The quickly you are available to your customers, the more likely is it that you’ll be offered work.  Quality work will then reflect on your profile and your chances of getting more and more work will increase exponentially.

Saymemo for Users

Connect With Local Professionals in Real Time

Remember the time when you had to go out looking for a maintenance guy for home repair? It used to be so exhausting a task to find even one professional technician, and that too with no guarantee of quality in their work. With the coming of digital revolution, everything is now available online. This begs the question, why not marketplaces as well? While there have been a few apps that will connect you to local professionals, none of them work in real time to set up a chat in cases of emergency, until now. Introducing Saymemo, the first app ever that connects you to local businesses instantly!

After registering as a user in the Saymemo app, users open themselves to a plethora of features that will aid in searching and hiring the most skilled professionals around.When you log into the app, you’ll be able to check out all the professionals that are active in your area. If you don’t come across anything suitable, there is a search option available where you can easily type in the service (or experts) to narrow down your search.

Saymemo automatically browses through all the available freelancers and shows the best professionals providing that particular service in your locality.

You can then initiate a chat request with multiple professionals and simultaneously converse with them. Once you are done with finalizing a professional and their pricing, simply tap on HIRE!

What Next? Grab a beer and relax! Your repair guy will be at your place to take care of everything.

Once the job is done, you can give a feedback of your experience with the professional on the app. Given star ratings and feedback will reflect on their future profiles.

Saymemo for Businesses

An Ideal Tool To Jump Start Your New Business

Saymemo helps business connect with potential clients fast and easy. Designed specifically for the young professionals, the Saymemo App is for the everyday upcoming entrepreneurs mainly who are looking for a perfect platform to make side income aside from their usual 9 to 5. Saymemo is ideal for the ones seeking a 21st century app full of analytics, services and outcomes, allowing for a chance to have that 1st customer turning to many more.

When you sign up as a business account on the Saymemo app, you’ll have that option to choose the services that you are willing to offer to customers in your locality. You can log into the Saymemo App as carpenter, plumber, roofer and home nurse, among others. After registering as a business, you will be able to see the list of all the potential customers who are searching for services within your location.

Once a user chooses to initiate a chat – you will get a notification for the same. You will then be able to freely chat with your clients, negotiate the work-flow, quote your price, etc.

If both parties come to an agreement – the user/ client will then initiate a hire request from their end. Similarly, you (the vendor) will have an option to either accept or decline the job, depending on your preference.

If you accept the offer, you’ll be directed to the next screen with route map for the user’s location.

Saymemo uses cutting edge Google Maps APIs in its map function to provide the vendors with exact coordinates of customer’s location.

Once you complete the job – Saymemo provides an option to get reviews from your customers. Always remember! Higher ratings corroborate to improved chances of successfully attaining more clients than your competitors.

Available on Google Play and App Store

Download the app and connect locally from anywhere in the United States & Canada! Doesn’t matter if you are in Chicago, Los Angeles, Texas, Philadelphia, or East Coast (Massachusetts and Connecticut), Saymemo helps you connect with experts faster from anywhere.

Request a professional or sign up for your business yourself, and join the Saymemo family as your go-to app for real-time connection without the added wait.

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