5 Easy Tips To Generate Leads From Local Customers Through A Marketplace App

Technology has drastically changed the way in which businesses run in the contemporary market. Instead of going door-to-door in order to get work, everyone has moved to different digital platforms to connect with each other. And by everyone, we mean both the professionals and the users.

However, hitting the right customer online isn’t exactly that easy. Almost every local professional is now available on these marketplace apps, and that has led to the rise in competition in recent years. There’s a positive side to this story as well – there’s a surge of potential customers looking for experts through these online platforms. All you have to follow a few tips to get hired by customers near you.

So, what are these tips exactly? Before we begin, we wanted to clarify that there are literally hundreds of factors that are in work for you to generate leads. Some of them are under your control, while others, not. We are here to discuss the former ones, and that too, only the most effective of them. So, here are 5 sure-shot ways to attract your customers from a marketplace app.

1. Set Up A Unique And Appealing Profile

The first and foremost thing to do when you sign up on marketplace apps is to ensure a distinctively attractive profile to lure customers to it.

Let’s start with the profile picture first. It’s really important to understand that your picture should speak about your professionalism, and it’s not about uploading the sassiest ones from your gallery. Data has shown that experts with a professional profile picture are significantly like to attract new customers than casual selfie lovers.

Other than that, everything else in your profile should also underscore on your work. Leave all your casual social media updates on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, and make your marketplace profile as professional as you can.

2. Work Hard And Get Good Reviews

It’s no secret that the first thing that any user sees when they land on your profile is your rating and reviews. To attract more customers to your profile, you must perform well with all your customers and make sure they give you positive reviews every time.

It’s totally okay if you’re not able to satisfy every customer your work for, just keep doing your job and make sure that your overall average score stays very good. The better the score, the higher the chances of attracting new customers to your profile.

3. Stay Active

Searching for a job online can sometimes be very daunting. A lot of the local experts give up trying to land a job through online marketplace apps and will forget to stay updated on these platforms. The key to success here is patience. Find time to stay active on the apps, and try your best to get in touch with every potential customer. Apply to every available job that’s suited to your skills. This way, you’ll get more attention and naturally, more clients would be interested to offer work to you.

4. Look For Recurring Work

Instead of paying too much attention to one-time jobs, it’s better to keep an eye on the ones that are recurring. The obvious benefit here is the steady flow of work. However, that’s not the only bonus here. Recurring work is also a huge deal for new clients. The longer you work with one client, or a bunch of clients, the higher you build trust in the new customers.

This rule isn’t exactly hard and fast. This is because the ultimate priority is to get more and more work relevant to your skills. This rule is only going to apply when there are two opportunities, one recurring and another one-time, and you can’t choose both. In that case, it’s always preferable to go with the former. Always.

5. Analyze Your Rivals

You’ve created a considerably decent profile. You keep a regular check on your favorite marketplace app. You’re ready to work hard and get good reviews, and you’ve set recurring work as your preference. However, things are still unchanged and you’re not getting appointments online.

This is where you need to adopt the same market strategy online that you would apply while searching job conventionally: analyzing the best competitors there are. The best part of online competitor analysis is that it gives a deeper insight into your rivals. See what they’re doing right by fishing around their profile and checking out their customer reviews. Who knows, what’s working for them might also work for you?


The points covered in this article have been taken directly from the professionals who are generating a significant part of their revenue by finding work online. It’s about that first catch, and things will only get easier if your work is appreciated by all your customers. Make the best use of the online marketplace and generate quick revenue in exchange for your skills.

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